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"Oh wow, what can I say about Mr. Shephard and his team. I'm telling you, I was the person that was VERY SKEPTICAL about using a credit repair service. Because I actually thought they did not work & ppl were just scamming you out of your money. But oh how I was wrong. I just want to say if anyone can bring your credit score up, Mr. Shephard and his team can.

Long story short, my husband and I wanted to increase our Credit score to buy our home. We began this process in August of 2017. By Jan 2018 my score went from the lower 500 to like a 620. And my husband was pretty much the same. His score was actually better than mine at the time we began. Fast forward to March 2018 my husband was able to purchase him a brand NEW truck. And May 2018 we are beginning the process of purchasing our 1st home.


TO GOD WE GIVE THE GLORY, for appointing Mr. Shephard to help ppl. We are truly grateful for everything he has done for us. Because there were many times we got discouraged, but look at us now. We haven't gotten to where we want to be. But I can assure you in the next 3-4 months we will have a score of 800 or more. Will post pictures soon. I just wanted to let ppl know if you skeptical as I was. Then DON'T HESITATE! It is well worth it. Again, we say thank you to Mr. Shephard and his team."


Mrs Renee Wells Artist


I met Mr Curtis Shephard around August 2017. My husband and myself were looking to get our credit fixed and he was able to do just that. My credit score was in the low 400's and my husband's score was slightly higher. My Curtis set us up on an easy payment plan while he worked on our credit. He reminded us to bring our mail in as we received it from the bureaus. Mr Shephard was able to help us achieve our dream. By him fixing our credit in a timely and professional manner we were able to start the process of buying a new home. As of Friday April 27, 2018 we closed on our home thanks to having our credit where it needed to be. On behalf of my husband and myself we would like to thank Mr Shephard for his hard work and dedication in helping us out. Anyone looking to fix their credit I will surely recommend him



Karla Kilpatrick